Property Management Appliance Repair

Property Management Appliance Repair

Individuals or companies in charge of appliances for multiple property locations can benefit from our appliance repair services designed for Property Management accounts. We provide quality appliance repair services to Landlords, Property Managers, and Realtors throughout Westchester County, NY.

No Contracts or Monthly Fees:

We set up a special account with contact information and guidelines to accommodate your needs. You have the right to make repairs internally or use whoever serves you best on each repair basis. We look to earn your business each and every service visit.

Special Discount Available

We provide value on every single service visit but recognize that high volume customers should receive substantial discounts. Discounts and prices are adjusted by usage.

-- Same day or next day service (Monday thru Friday).

-- 20% off Service call Fees

-- 10% off all replacement parts.

-- Free shipping on parts purchases over $100

Qualifying Accounts Must Have:

-- A minimum of 10 separate managed properties, condos, or apartments.

-- A minimum of 1 appliance repair per month, or 3 repairs within 3 consecutive months.

-- Payment terms of NET 30.

-- A personal payment guarantee with valid credit card authorization - For New Clients.

***Billing Accounts are available after 2 years of service.

Whether you’re an individual or property management company you can rely on our repair service to provide the expertise as needed. We work directly for you and can make handling your appliance repair service needs a hassle-free experience. Our service professionals will give you a clear, detailed estimate and wait for your approval. Repairs are never discussed with your tenants. Call Us today for trusted, top-quality, high-end service, and repairs that will stand the test of time.