Appliance Genie provides a wide range of quality, professional and high-end services to repair most major brands of home appliances. We take great pride in our craft and work hard to provide our clients with lasting repairs that will save them time and protect their appliance investments. Appliance Genie strives to provide the fairest and most competitive prices in the industry, and for more than 30 years, our prices and quality have not been beaten. We stand firmly behind our work and provide an appliance repair warranty as well as the manufacturer's warranty on all replacement appliance parts.

We provide the following services and much more to our valued clients:

- Freezer Repair

- Ice Maker Repair

- Oven Repair

- Outdoor Gas Grill

- Refrigerator Repair

- Rangetop & Cooktop Repair

- Range and stove Repairs

- Wine Cooler Repair

- Wall oven repair

- Warming Drawer Repair

- Vent hood Repair

Appliances Repair Services

Oven Repair

✔ Temperature Calibration

Replace damaged bake/broil elements

Replacement of igniters and thermostats

Cleaning inner door glass

Door gaskets replacement

Outdoor Grill Repair

General maintenance check

Burner and igniter replacement

Adjust and clean burner holes

Rusted flavorizer and grate replacement

Rotisserie or Pro-sear replacement, etc...

Rangetop & Cooktop


Change spark module

Clean burner caps and bases

Burner, Griddle & Grill adjustments

Replacement of ignition switches, leaky gas valves, etc...

Ice Maker Machine Repair

Seal system Repair

Hot gas solenoid replacement

Auxillary drain pump installation

Remove and replace thermostat and timer, etc...

Range and Stove Repairs

Clean burner bases and ignitors

Remove and replace damaged ERC

Burner flame adjustment

Spark switch or spark module replacement

Change pinched or burnt igniter wires

Warming Drawer Repair

Slides replacement

Temperature control

Replace the burned-out heating element

Intermittent control replacement

Refrigerator Repair

Cleaning the drain pan

Condenser cleaning

Door hinge replacement

Adjustment or replacement of door and/or door gaskets

Seal system repairs (replace evaporators, compressors, & driers)

Wall Oven Repair

Replace door hinges

Remove and install thermostats

✔ Door seal replacement

Replace defective bake/broil elements

Troubleshoot problematic symptoms

Wine Cooler

Seal system leak repair

Multi-zone evaporator and switching

valve repairs

Remove and replace thermostat/

cold control

Multi-zone heat exchanger replacement

Circulation/condenser fan replacement

Vent Hood Repair

✔ Motor replacement

✔ Filter Replacement

✔ Remove and replace transformers

✔ Light socket and fuse replacement

✔ Control and switch replacements

Freezer Repair

Seal system leak repair

Intermittent fan motor replacement

Clean and clear clogged or frozen drain

Ice maker replacement

Door closure correction