Frequently Asked Questions

# How often should I clean my refrigerator condenser coils?
For maximum performance, it's recommended to clean refrigerator condenser coils twice per year, every 3 months if you have 1-2 pets, more if you have additional pets in the home.
# Am I charged for the service call if I hire you for the repair?
Yes, The service charge is non-negotiable. This fee covers all the operational expenses of any service company. We don't paraphrase or trick clients into thinking they won't be charged the service call if they complete the repairs, don't be fooled all service Company has a service charge. If they don't you're over-paying for either parts, labor or a ridiculous surcharge.
# Can you recharge my refrigerator Freon?
Yes, after the leak is found and repaired, if your refrigeration unit develops a leak in a section that requires part replacement the unit will be recharged with freon after the recommended parts are replaced.
# The spring broke on my oven door. Can I wait to fix it?
No, We recommend making a service appointment right away, if you have kids this can be extremely dangerous for your precious little ones, delayed service can also cause further damage which increases the risk of the entire door falling off and severe potential body injuries.
# Is Appliance Genie a Viking Authorized?
Yes, We are your local Viking authorized service Company. call and schedule your service appointment if you reside within our service area.
# Do you offer yearly maintenance services?
Yes, Our Technicians perform yearly outdoor gas grill maintenance service and condenser cleaning services base on our client’s preferences. Contact Us today and find out how to set up maintenance services.
# How often should I clean the dryer vent and filter?
We recommend cleaning lint from the dryer filter after each load, your dryer vents should be cleaned yearly especially if you use the dryer often. If you are in a commercial building twice a year.
# Can I leave the door open for the Technician?
No, While we do understand you have an extremely busy daily routine our Technicians cannot enter your homes without an adult 18 years and older.